Training has taken a back seat

The last few weeks my training has taken a back seat for several reasons. Firstly I injured my shoulder in a fall while rehearsing for the play I’ve been in – Around The World in 80 Days – which we’ve just finished performing. Secondly we spent three days visiting my Mum in Cornwall. And finally I was in London for three days joining in the Extinction Rebellion climate protests.

The last  few days I’ve been able to restart my training – 2 hours on the rowing machine each day – and I have to say my body is objecting a little!

I have done some presentations at the William Farr School in Welton this week, on Monday to Year 10, Tuesday to Year 11 and finally to Year 12 tomorrow.

Spending time on Darien

I’ve been spending some time on the boat and my main focus has been getting the water-maker cleaned and flushed through with a preservative (Biocide). I still have quite a bit of work to do removing the branding and labelling from the previous owner but that’s much easier in warm weather.

My next training day on May 23rd is for my VHF Radio license but I hope to be able to get out on the sea before then, if my trainer Chris Martin is available.