My first trip on Darien and I was on BBC Look North!

I had a very good but also very challenging day on Tuesday 26th March 2019. I went out on to sea on Darien (my boat) for the first time from Hornsea hosted by the excellent Hornsea Inshore Rescue team. They were brilliant and helped us both to launch from the beach and recover, which was quite exciting and a little scary!

Chris, my mentor, and I had arranged to meet BBC Look North at 7:00 at Hornsea and they did some interviews filming. Shirley Henry was the interviewer and she was lovely. After getting into the water I rowed for about 3 hours, pretty much non-stop. The wind was from the north-west and this made steering and making progress quite hard work.

Deploying of the sea anchor

We also practised deploying the sea anchor from the rear of the boat (see the video below) I felt quite sea-sick after that!  I was also very tired so Chris did most of the rowing back to land, getting back at about 15:00

Interestingly, there was another training ocean rower there today – he’s doing the Atlantic Row this year.